Photography by Davideo.

New Year and new chances to do what you love in life. In my work whatever I’m doing in my fashion world I need someone, who can capture those moments and basically take a best shoots of me and my models.

Well, that would be the reason why I want you to introduce you to my dear friend Dawid Kozlowski. He is creating his own world in photography and theatre by his nickname “Davideo”. You can see his profile just by clicking link below:

He studied Theatre Studies in Cracow. He is teaching now at Academy of Fine Art in Cracow. He is dealing with video projections in theatre (as you can expect from his University experience) and opera performances. He also work with motion design. At the top of his talents he creates leaders and graphics for television programs.

davideo 2davideo 5

However, I know him mostly from his work in photography:-)

davideo 1davideo 4

Do you like his work? Well, I do!

davideo 3

Have a good night! Sleep tight!



Original blouses designed by me:-)


How r u doing lately? I’m thinking about festive season but in the meantime I keep myself busy. Have a look into my new design blouses and let me know what do you think about them! 🙂

blouses siwula10429240_390019957822274_6218547507485999686_n

Do you like them as much as I like them?

blouses 21502409_406856536138616_8681937560553018910_o

I love mixing styles and describing myself through my work. Probably you have noticed too that I like adding flowers into my work:-)

Lots of love from me


BTW Merry Christmas from my cat:-)