Coats and Jackets for Winter season.

I hope you noticed that on our northern hemisphere winter came or well in some parts is still to come. Be ready for it – that always said my mum. Have I ever mentioned that I started my work years ago by creation of small collection of hats for friends? Though, since that time I specialise as well in coats and jackets.

IMG_7488 - Kopia IMG_7739

I made a new collection for this winter season. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Give me some feedback please! 😉

Hm….I give you few more bits and bobs to judge and have your own opinion:


I pay close attention to every detail of my work. I want everybody to feel comfortable to wear my clothes. That is my priority. I believe that every article of clothing need to look stylish but be cosy. You can just snug in


Well, I’m waiting for summer time but in the meantime cover yourself and take it easy !

Lots of love