BEANULA – unique design beanie hats!


I’m just finishing off my project of new beanie hats, which I called BEANULA!

STRONA GŁOWNA KIK3Main picture 2

Photo 1                                                                                     Photo 2

I need to make decision, which of this two pics would be a main picture of the campaign. Could you help me with that?

It’s this same model and this same environment from Terma Bania in Białka Tatrzańska but they look different as you can see. What do you think, which is a better shoot?




Rucksacks/Bags from Siwula – new collection :-)

Hi guys,

Are you ready for a new season? I’m already thinking about Spring:-) With all delights of winter and Christmas season I’m waiting with bated breath when day would be longer and warmer.


I’ve redesigned recently new collection of rucksacks and bags. I like add some colours and flowers to a everyday life. Let me know what do you think about it? If you would like to be an owner of any of those original bags let me know by e-mail!


Lots of love


Original blouses designed by me:-)


How r u doing lately? I’m thinking about festive season but in the meantime I keep myself busy. Have a look into my new design blouses and let me know what do you think about them! 🙂

blouses siwula10429240_390019957822274_6218547507485999686_n

Do you like them as much as I like them?

blouses 21502409_406856536138616_8681937560553018910_o

I love mixing styles and describing myself through my work. Probably you have noticed too that I like adding flowers into my work:-)

Lots of love from me


BTW Merry Christmas from my cat:-)



Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Kaja !

Are you already in “winter/Christmas” mood?

I thought recently about holiday season, which is upon us then I rediscover work of my friend (Kaja Wojtyga). Always when day is becoming shorter and start snowing I would like to stay at home and read some good books. Talking about books most of you probably heard about Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

grim 0grim 5

I mentioned once that this blog would be most of the time about my work. Though, this time I want to present you some drawings and sketches for Grimm’s Fairy Tales done by my friend.

Do you like fairytales? I personally grew up from them but occasionally enjoy to sink into world of “black and white” myths and stories.

grim 3 grim 1

Do you remember names of stories in Grimm’s fairy tales? I personally enjoy stories: “The Six Swans” and “The Frog Prince 😉

grim 4grim 6

If you want to see more drawings and sketches of Kaja follow this link

Happy Christmas/Holiday Season !!!


Coats and Jackets for Winter season.

I hope you noticed that on our northern hemisphere winter came or well in some parts is still to come. Be ready for it – that always said my mum. Have I ever mentioned that I started my work years ago by creation of small collection of hats for friends? Though, since that time I specialise as well in coats and jackets.

IMG_7488 - Kopia IMG_7739

I made a new collection for this winter season. What do you think about it? Do you like it? Give me some feedback please! 😉

Hm….I give you few more bits and bobs to judge and have your own opinion:


I pay close attention to every detail of my work. I want everybody to feel comfortable to wear my clothes. That is my priority. I believe that every article of clothing need to look stylish but be cosy. You can just snug in


Well, I’m waiting for summer time but in the meantime cover yourself and take it easy !

Lots of love


Fashion and design by Siwula :-)

Hi boys and girls,

In my first ever professional blog I want to present myself (of course 🙂 but I want to publish some work of people, who inspired me in my daily work.

Some word about myself?

I graduated from  Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. I started my professional career in design and fashion few years ago.  I always wanted to work and create authentic things. If I’m doing this now you probably would see through my work.


Every day I want to spend to express myself, my thoughts through art, which for me is fashion and design. I specialise in jackets, coats, dresses, hats and everything, which could be authentic and original.

I hope you stay with me and enjoy my blog every day:-)