Embroider Yourself – unique design beanie hats! Kickstarter campaign!

Please support my campaign at Kickstarter!!! Help me to bring my dream come through!

Just type in at Kickstarter page (below) name of my project : “Embroider Yourself”


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P.S. More pics from backstage and whole project soon!


BEANULA – unique design beanie hats!


I’m just finishing off my project of new beanie hats, which I called BEANULA!

STRONA GŁOWNA KIK3Main picture 2

Photo 1                                                                                     Photo 2

I need to make decision, which of this two pics would be a main picture of the campaign. Could you help me with that?

It’s this same model and this same environment from Terma Bania in Białka Tatrzańska but they look different as you can see. What do you think, which is a better shoot?