Embroidered beanie hats at Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a powerful tool. I’ve decided to give a go and set up a project with my new collection there.

You want more information? Have a look into that link:


Embroider Yourself – unique design beanie hats! Kickstarter campaign!

Please support my campaign at Kickstarter!!! Help me to bring my dream come through!

Just type in at Kickstarter page (below) name of my project : “Embroider Yourself”


Share it! Love it! Wear it!


P.S. More pics from backstage and whole project soon!

BEANULA – unique design beanie hats!


I’m just finishing off my project of new beanie hats, which I called BEANULA!

STRONA GŁOWNA KIK3Main picture 2

Photo 1                                                                                     Photo 2

I need to make decision, which of this two pics would be a main picture of the campaign. Could you help me with that?

It’s this same model and this same environment from Terma Bania in Białka Tatrzańska but they look different as you can see. What do you think, which is a better shoot?



Spa complex, thermal bath and aqua park in one place and I would be shooting pics there!

Hi guys,

I’m planning some crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. I prepared new collection of  beanie hats with original design sourced from local culture. I’m still tweaking about design and new patterns.


I wanted to show the local nature and what I love the mountains. I found the perfect place to do a session of my clothes – Bialka Tatrzanska Spa complex.

bialka 3

I’m excited because I got green light today to do a session there on this Friday. See their site and its virtual tour.


If you see any place worth inclusion in a session let me know. I would appreciate your tips.

bialka 4

Have I mentioned that they have ski lifts next door? Well, I don’t think I would be have time for snowboarding or skiing but you never know:-)

bialka 1 noc



Photography by Davideo.

New Year and new chances to do what you love in life. In my work whatever I’m doing in my fashion world I need someone, who can capture those moments and basically take a best shoots of me and my models.

Well, that would be the reason why I want you to introduce you to my dear friend Dawid Kozlowski. He is creating his own world in photography and theatre by his nickname “Davideo”. You can see his profile just by clicking link below:


He studied Theatre Studies in Cracow. He is teaching now at Academy of Fine Art in Cracow. He is dealing with video projections in theatre (as you can expect from his University experience) and opera performances. He also work with motion design. At the top of his talents he creates leaders and graphics for television programs.

davideo 2davideo 5

However, I know him mostly from his work in photography:-)

davideo 1davideo 4

Do you like his work? Well, I do!

davideo 3

Have a good night! Sleep tight!


Rucksacks/Bags from Siwula – new collection :-)

Hi guys,

Are you ready for a new season? I’m already thinking about Spring:-) With all delights of winter and Christmas season I’m waiting with bated breath when day would be longer and warmer.


I’ve redesigned recently new collection of rucksacks and bags. I like add some colours and flowers to a everyday life. Let me know what do you think about it? If you would like to be an owner of any of those original bags let me know by e-mail!


Lots of love