Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Kaja !

Are you already in “winter/Christmas” mood?

I thought recently about holiday season, which is upon us then I rediscover work of my friend (Kaja Wojtyga). Always when day is becoming shorter and start snowing I would like to stay at home and read some good books. Talking about books most of you probably heard about Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

grim 0grim 5

I mentioned once that this blog would be most of the time about my work. Though, this time I want to present you some drawings and sketches for Grimm’s Fairy Tales done by my friend.

Do you like fairytales? I personally grew up from them but occasionally enjoy to sink into world of “black and white” myths and stories.

grim 3 grim 1

Do you remember names of stories in Grimm’s fairy tales? I personally enjoy stories: “The Six Swans” and “The Frog Prince 😉

grim 4grim 6

If you want to see more drawings and sketches of Kaja follow this link

Happy Christmas/Holiday Season !!!


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